About the microgrant program

The NYC Department of Sanitation’s Foundation for New York’s Strongest hosted the first-ever NYC Food Waste Fair in July 2017. With over 1,000 attendees, this event was a one-stop-shop on how to prevent, recycle, and recover the more than 650,000 tons of food waste that New York City businesses throw away each year.


The Microgrant Program picks up where the NYC Food Waste Fair left off, providing support for NYC businesses taking action to address food waste in their operations. The Foundation for New York’s Strongest will award grants of up to $2,000, plus technical advisory and other goods and services, to businesses who can demonstrate a need for support and a viable implementation plan.

Businesses may partner together to submit companion applications which, in total, may receive up to $5,000. In order for companion applications to be considered and funded, the role of each business should be very clearly defined – separate applications, project timelines and budgets for each business must still be submitted.

La Fundación de New York’s Strongest, como parte del Departamento de Saneamiento, presentó la primera NYC Feria de Desperdicio de Comida en julio de 2017. Con más de 1,000 asistentes, este evento sirvió como una ventanilla única en cómo prevenir, reciclar, y recuperar las más de 650,000toneladas de desperdicios de comida que los negocios en la Ciudad de Nueva York botan cada año. El Programa de Micro-Fondos continúa ese esfuerzo, ofreciendo ayuda a negocios locales en cómo ser proactivos contra el desperdicio de comida en sus espacios. La Fundación de New York’s Strongest entregará fondos hasta $2,000, además, consultas técnicas y otros productos y servicios, a negocios elegidos que puedan demostrar la necesidad para esta ayuda y un plan de ejecución viable. Para más información, por favor de visitar al sitio de web, foodwastefair.nyc/microgrants.

Email microgrants@foodwastefair.nyc for more information.



The Foundation for New York’s Strongest is the official nonprofit organization of the New York City Department of Sanitation. Supported by private funding and in-kind donations, the Foundation leverages non-traditional strategies to promote sustainability and advance the essential services Sanitation employees. The Foundation's core mission is to highlight the important contributions made by the DSNY workforce to keep New York City clean and safe every day; to support zero waste goals, and to celebrate and preserve DSNY'S rich culture and history. The inaugural event hosted by the Foundation, the NYC Food Waste Fair, brought together more than 1,000 attendees from the local business community, 75 food waste solution exhibitors, over 40 thought leaders and dozens of partner organizations to catalyze action in NYC.


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