OpenIDEO Launches "Food Waste Challenge" To Create New Food Waste Solutions

OpenIDEO, in collaboration with ReFED and The Rockefeller Foundation, launched their "Food Waste Challenge"  with the goal of creating new innovations for food waste. Over the course of 3 months, 20,000 individuals from over 100 countries participated in the OpenIDEO challenge . The participants hosted more than 80 "Food Waste" events where they shared their solutions for tracking food habits. This myriad of events came together to create a "Hack Your Waste" brainstorm session that shared industry solutions. From every idea submitted, 4 major themes emerged:

  1. Waste Means Business
  2. Food Habits
  3. Think Locally To Scale Globally
  4. Better Together

Join the "Food Waste Alliance" to be part of designing a zero-waste food system and learn more about the challenge. Read more here.