Food Waste Exhibitor Spotlight: Nanoia Recycling Equipment

Nanoia Recycling Equipment is a family owned company based in Long Island, New York. They are known for being the Northeast's, "experts of design, supply, and installation of solid waste and recycling equipment". Their goal is to provide equality recycling supplies and equipment to the metropolitan area. They deliver, install, finance, maintain and repair all of the equipment for the consumers. Their team of national and state certified recycling and sustainable professionals are available 24 hours a day. To learn more about their preventative packages, safety inspections, staff training and waste audit programs, read more here. 

Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: EcoSafe Zero Waste

EcoSafe Zero Waste is dedicated to helping their customers quickly and easily implement solutions to diverting organic waste from landfills. They provide their customers with everything they would need to build sustainable, source separation and diversion programs to achieve zero waste. In 2013, EcoSafe received their certification as a Climate Smart Business with their easy and Turnkey programs. Their programs are meant to attain maximum participation and diversion with minimum contamination. Read more here.


Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: Eco-Products

Eco-Products is the leading provider of foodservice packaging made from renewable resources and post-consumer content. They are one of the most recognized and authentic brands in the sustainable foodservice packing industry. Their compostable products include hot/cold cups, plates and bowls, paper containers, wheat straw containers, sugarcane containers, utensils, and more. Recently, Eco-Products became a certified B corporation, which means that they have, "the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. Read more here. 

Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: RecycleTrack Systems

Recycle Track Systems (RTS) uses a proprietary software tracking system that provides accurate data for waste management, recycling, and service pickups. They provide on-site customer training for their recycling program. Their programs range from waste removal and sustainability, to education and dumpsters requests. RTS was also a participant in Mayor DeBlasio's Zero Waste Challenge as a backer for Whole Foods Market. At the conclusion of the challenge, Whole Foods finished with a 50 diversion rate which won them a Milestone Award. Read more here. 

Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: Biobag USA

BioBag is the leading retailer of compostable bags in the country. BioBags are made from a resin derived from vegetables, oils, plants and other compostable polymers. The bags can be consumed by micro-organisms that live in our soil and as a result BioBags can be quickly composted along with organic waste at municipal composting facilities. BioBags work closely with communities to establish food waste separation programs that can help educate consumers on food waste. Read more here.


Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: Mr. T Carting

Mr. T Carting is a private waste management business that caters to all commercial and residential customers within New York City. They are known for their continuous work towards zero accident and injuries and have won the EIA's Driver of the Year Award for the last three out of four years. They handle organic waste carefully and efficiently, taking the extra step in on-site composting. Their exceptional customer service tailors to exactly what the consumer needs. Read more here.


Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: Quantum Biopower

Quantum Biopower focuses on developing sustainable ways to reuse the waste we create. Their facilities speed up the composting process by using nutrients that are able to be turned into fertilizers, soils and compost that are safe and effective. Their goal is to provide solutions to keep landfills free of organic materials. They are also consistently developing renewable energy sites that focus on electricity and natural gas production. Read more here.


Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: CH Four Biogas

CH Four Biogas specializes in the installation, design and progression of anaerobic digestion systems for agricultural, industrial, and municipal sectors throughout North and South America. Their technology is a biological process that produces a combustible gas from the decomposition of organic waste. "Biogas" as its known, can be converted into usable energy such as heat, gas, and electricity. Read more here.

Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: Vanguard Renewables

The Vanguard Renewables "Farm Powered Organics to Energy Anaerobic Digester" program helps farmers to alleviate increasing energy costs and disposal of manure. The program offers food retailers and manufacturers an organic waste ban compliance solution. Vanguard safely combines the excess of organic food waste and agricultural waste then processes it through anaerobic digestion, which then transforms into renewable energy for farms. Read more here

Chef Mads Refslund Discusses How To Make The Most Of Your Food Scraps

Mads Refslund, chef and owner of Fire and Ice restaurant, alongside famous forager Tama Matsuoka Wong, will be hosting a talk at 92nd Street Y on June 6th discussing techniques for using discarded food scraps like coffee grounds, cabbage cores, and potato skins, to create delicious edible treats. Refslund and Wong delve into the many ways to reuse your food waste in their new book, "Scraps, Wilt, & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food Into Plenty," which they will be signing at the closing of their talk. For more details on the event, click here

Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is a non-profit food rescue organization, based out of New York City, operating within twelve cities. Their goal is to prevent excess food waste from restaurants, hotels, and catering companies from becoming "wasted." Aside from rescuing food, RLC provides food waste consulting and excess food delivery. They utilize three main ways to target food waste:

  1. Localizing the issue so that they can find restaurants, hotels, and catering companies that have excess food at their location.
  2. Taking advantage of technology to handle the excess food -- partnering with providers to receive reports when/where there is excess food occurring.
  3. "Tackling food waste at its root" by bringing the remaining food waste to where its needed the most.                              

Read more about RLC here. 

Food Waste Fair Exhibitor Spotlight: Billion Oyster Project

Billion Oyster Project in an initiative of the New York Harbor Foundation. Their goal is to restore one billion live oysters to the New York Harbor. By restoring oysters and reefs, we are able to repair and revive the natural habitat of local marine ecosystems. Through restorative based STEM education programs, thousands of students have helped to restore over nineteen million oysters -- this is because BOP has partnered with 54 schools and 53 restaurants. To the date, BOP has:

  1. Restored 1.05 acres of the reef
  2. Recycled 300,000 pounds of shells
  3. Helped grow over 19.5 million oysters in the New York Harbor. 

Read more about BOP here. 

OpenIDEO Launches "Food Waste Challenge" To Create New Food Waste Solutions

OpenIDEO, in collaboration with ReFED and The Rockefeller Foundation, launched their "Food Waste Challenge"  with the goal of creating new innovations for food waste. Over the course of 3 months, 20,000 individuals from over 100 countries participated in the OpenIDEO challenge . The participants hosted more than 80 "Food Waste" events where they shared their solutions for tracking food habits. This myriad of events came together to create a "Hack Your Waste" brainstorm session that shared industry solutions. From every idea submitted, 4 major themes emerged:

  1. Waste Means Business
  2. Food Habits
  3. Think Locally To Scale Globally
  4. Better Together

Join the "Food Waste Alliance" to be part of designing a zero-waste food system and learn more about the challenge. Read more here.

Video of the Week: The Compost Story

In celebration of International Compost Awareness Week, the Kiss The Ground organization has launched, "The Compost Story." Watch the trailer below and learn how you can get involved!  

Create a photo or video doing at least one of the challenges:

1.       Putting food scraps in your organics bin (in NYC, that's your brown bin) 

2.       Setting up a compost bin for you or your friend

3.       Buying a compost bin or already made compost

4.       Collecting browns (fallen leaves)

From May 8th to 9th, post your photo onto your social media and tag @kissthegroundca and #compostlife (if you're playing in teams, add #yourteamname). You will then be entered into the giveaway which is worth $2K! Click here to join the challenge. 

New Venture Fund Releases Report On Reducing Food Waste

With help from Arabella Advisors and The Rockefeller Foundation, New Venture Fund released a new report, "Reducing Food Waste By Changing The Way Consumers Interact With Food." The report acts as a guide for new opportunities in reducing food waste. The information is broken down into three areas that highlight ways to improve the reduction of waste: 

  1. Bringing Packaging Solutions to Scale
  2. Rethinking Retail Practices
  3. Revamping the Home Kitchen

Configuring better packaging technologies that will extend shelf life, learning how to better manage purchased food, and instituting package sizing that will aide in what the consumer needs, are all catalysts for the fight against food waste. Read more here.