Take a peek behind the scenes of NYC businesses leading the waste in managing food waste with Fresh Cuts.


Or cut to the chase and select the video of the business type most relevant to your operations.

Cafeteria - St. John's University

Fast Casual Restaurant - Dos Toros

Food Manufacturer -- O'Wayne Enterprises

Food Wholesaler - Krinos Foods

Grocery Store - The Greene Grape

Hotel - Hyatt Times Square

Stadium / Arena - CitiField


Learn more about the services NYC Food Waste Fair Exhibitors have to offer by downloading the Exhibitor Service Directory.


See presentations from the following 2017 NYC Food Waste Fair workshops:


  • Not Really Expired: How Confusing Date Labels Lead to Food Waste
  • Cost-Effective Tips for Preventing Food Waste
  • How to Conduct a Food Waste Audit
  • Zero Waste Design Guidelines
  • Smart Procurement + Other Waste Prevention Strategies
  • Prevent Packaging Waste with Reusable Serviceware


  • Demystifying Food Donation Liability: Understanding the Good Samaritan Act
  • What to Know Before You Throw: an Introduction to Donating Food
  • How to Receive Tax Deductions for Food Donation


  • On-Site Pretreatment Equipment 101
  • Compostable Products: Diverting Food Scraps and the Role of Certification
  • Choosing a Waste Hauler
  • Enrolling Your Building in NYC Organics 


  • Commercial Organics Law: Avoiding Violations
  • Commercial Recycling: Avoiding Violations 
  • Cómo evitar violaciones: Reciclaje para Empresas
    (Commercial regulations workshop in Spanish)
  • Choosing a Waste Hauler
  • Pest Proofing Your Food Service Establishment
  • Waste Handling Tips with the Department of Health
  • Kickstart Your Program with State Incentives